As Our Health Improves, Our Life Will Also

Helpful Concepts & Definitions

to help understand the healing process


Healing is changing the way we are now to something better, some call this becoming whole.

Wholeness is not acheieved by the search for one-shot solutions.

The search for specialized answers of complex situations yields very little benefit.

A never-ending pursuit of greater wholeness is the answer to ascending the levels of your life.



The result of real healing is greater wholeness.

Real healing includes personal growth.

Basically, real healing is the dissolving of unresolved issues from our past lives. A result of this is the regaining a part of ourselves that has not been available to us. This increases our wholeness.

A lack of wholeness is responsible for many addictions.  A person with major addictions has lost their ability to live without using a crutch to make themselves functional in the world.

No one is playing with a full deck, because we all have endless potential.

Michael Glicker

A one hour session is $75