For our Planet

This is the healing of our planet, with the people doing the healing. We will change the planet when enough of us have done this healing. The healing is the dissolving of all of our consciousnesses in shock, from all of our lifetimes. It’s like pulling the weeds out of our garden. The angels will do the healing.

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The healthier we are, the more enjoyable our lives become. We seem to be too busy to know notice the quality of our health because there are so many things that we are doing.

We are the Creators

Can you create something in your life?

Of course! We all do it already, all the time. However, usually unconsciously. Become aware of your natural ability to create and choose to do it on purpose. Then, keep doing it.

What would you like to create?

Note: There are many things to create, positive and negative. Choose with awareness. 

Good Luck!

– Michael Glicker
real healing

What is Real Healing?

There are many ways to heal. Real healthcare is that which is personalized for us. Your healing journey is unique and always involves personal growth. Your understanding of healing expands as you heal. The process of healing can be ever-changing as your healing proceeds. You do not need to know ahead of time what form the journey will take. Real healing releases that which is holding you back.

What is Michael’s Role as a Healer?

To support positive change in your life when going through a crisis, by:

  • Explaining what is happening and why it is happening;
  • Offering suggestions on how to create your change;
  • Releasing that which no longer serves you and bringing in that which reawakens you;
  • Helping you to expand your life and create a fuller life experience, to get excited about learning new things;
  • Helping you to see your path to personal evolution, getting better at living your own life, and becoming your own hero.

The Joy of Real Healing

The healthier we are, the more enjoyable our lives become. We seem to be too busy to know this anymore and this is reflected in our present attitudes about things. A good analogy is a trolley that is off the tracks, but still running.

Helpful Concepts & Definitions

to help understand the healing process


Healing is to become whole. Healing is mainly the dissolving of unresolved issues from your past. This removes the cause of the problem. (Michael Glicker)

“Wholeness is not evoked by the search for one-shot solutions.

The search for specialized answers to complex situations yields very little benefit.

A never-ending pursuit of our greater wholeness is the answer to ascending the levels of your life.

The actuality of healings is always a miracle that happens of a higher level through the restoration of wholeness no matter what the problem.

Healing always comes from a higher level.” (*)

(*) The five sentences above are from the book Love Without End by Glenda Green and were given to her by Jesus.


Treatment can be almost anything that restores harmony when you need it.

Treatment can be essential oils, flower essences, vitamins, minerals, massage therapy, consultation, doing things we like, being with others, journaling, reading, and partnering with a healer.

What is the difference between treatment and healing?

Treatment is intended to give release from discomfort the person is experiencing. It is about reducing or removing symptoms.

Allopathy (which is the main type of healthcare in the US) is about changing symptoms to an opposite of what they are. Allopathic means change to the opposite.

So, treatment is intended to alter symptoms or remove them, without removing the cause of the symptoms. However, treatment can make it easier for us to heal.

Healing is about dissolving the cause of the disease, which is mainly the dissolving of issues from our past that create symptoms. The intention of healing is to heal the cause of the client’s problems, which means remove it.



The result of real healing is greater wholeness.

Real healing includes personal growth.

Basically, real healing is the dissolving of an unresolved issue from our past. A result of this is the regaining a part of ourselves that has not been available to us. This increases our wholeness.

A lack of wholeness is responsible for many addictions.  A person with major addictions has lost their ability to live without using a crutch to make themselves functional in the world.

No one is playing with a full deck, because we have endless potential.

Allopathic Healthcare

MDs generally practice a medical system that combats disease by remedy- producing effects different from those produced by the disease being treated. (definition from Webster New Colgate Dictionary.)

Allopathy (which is the main type of healthcare in the US) is about changing symptoms to an opposite of what they are. Allopathic means change to the opposite. (Read more in the differences between treatment and healing section.)



The effects produced by a disease are called symptoms.

Symptoms can be many types of discomfort, such as pain, dizziness, swelling, disorientation, lack of energy, dull senses, etc. Symptoms can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. If it’s coming from only one area it still will affect the other areas.

Symptoms are your body telling you that you need a change. Usually, the longer it takes to make the change, the worse things become, requiring more time to heal the issues.

Symptoms are caused by doing that which makes you sick.


Per Webster’s Dictionary definition, discernment is a skill in discerning or discrimination, keenness of insight, a penetration that implies a searching going beyond what is obvious or superficial. To discern, is to detect with the eyes or with other senses.

Discernment requires a calmness within. Greater discernment is the ability to see and know the truth. Spiritual masters raise their consciousness to oneness, which enables them to know the truth of many things as they are in the moment with great clarity/discernment.

We can see things easier and faster, when we have achieved greater discernment in our awareness. Our present moment can be unclear when we have issues.

Training & Modalities

Michael has studied a wide range of healing modalities. 

Michael’s studies include:  Apprenticeship in Hands-On Healing, Shamanism, Reiki Master, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Pathwork, Core Energetics, Programs of the Heart, THE WORK of Byron Katie, Bio Energetics and more.