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Removing the cause of the problem
is the best way to get rid of the problem.

In our world we can get rid of the symptoms easily without removing the cause, but this creates news problems and the original problem is still with you. The quality of your life will suffer if the cause is not removed.

In the real world we all have past lives, 100-600 of them. Experiencing many different lifetimes helps us to evolve and become wiser. We are spirits having a temporary physical lifetime. We are in the same spiritual body in all of our physical lifetimes. We always have the same spirit. Everything in each physical body is created from our spirit bodies. Everything happens first in our spirit bodies. Making changes in the physical body is done by working in the spiritual bodies by me, the angels, and other healers. It is very difficult to do healing by working in the physical body. Working on the physical body any time you have surgery you are being wounded it becomes a sore spot. We don’t have to do surgery when we work in your energy bodies, everything is easily accessible. Also it can be done remotely anywhere on this planet. When we work on the energy bodies we are working in an energy field. This is not physical, this is energetic. Energetically, when our consciousness is great enough we can talk to anyone on this planet without using a phone.

There are two worlds that we exist in. The huge, ancient world is the spiritual one. The newer, physical world is the smaller world. We live in both worlds.

These healings are done remotely (long distance) which enables us to do a session no where where you are. Everrything is connected. Michael does this healing work with angels and spiritual masters. We work on whatever you need done, when you need it done. The angels are very good at rebuilding the physical body. We do this kind of healing by working in your energy bodies.

Michael is in his 37th year of healing work as of 2024.

Kinds of Healing

The kinds of healings are endless. This is a list of the most needed sessions and some others.

We do healings for the these areas of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and what is in most need now.

Why we need clearing and healing? So we can become the person who radiates love.  

Fear, tension, stress, worry, betrayal, loneliness, anger, allergies, sexual abuse, not enoughs, parasites.

We rebuild and repair organ and other areas of the physical body, this work is done by working in the energy bodies. 

We heal / clear bacteria, virus and fungal infections.

Examples of 1-hour sessions:

• Clearing all medications – 1 hour
• Clearing Covid-19 – 1 hour
• Clearing all meridians – 1 hour
• Clearing about 50 allergies – 1 hour

Within a healing session, we will usually remove all causes of the negative vibrations, including all your life times.

Most of our issues are from past lives. Even if you don’t believe in them, they will still work..

Hara Line work and repair work in the energy bodies.

Every life time we come into has all the unresolved issues from all other life times. It’s always this way. As we get rid of these unresolved issues, this will improves our life and all the other life times we live.

Other Healing Sessions

Clearing ?? and Land – $200

Large areas ?? will quoted – $200

Clear cristler? – $300

Clear Spells cost is for each person
N.G.E. sessions 2 or 3 hours $75/hour

Clear all Weap?? – $300

Mass Healings (400 people max) – will quote

Removal of Energetic things in the body – $75

Dissolving all of their cons. not in harmony with the soul – $300

Dissolving all things that do noot have a cons? – $300

Removing all toxic medication, all the times – $200

Flower Essence Sessions

Three flower essences are chosen by us for a healing that will be helpful for you now. 

The angels heal you with these three flower essences for three weeks, 24/7, for a total of 504 hours. They are in your energy fields.

These flower essences are very gentle with very little processing.

 504 hours @ $30/hour – $15,000

Angel Painting by artist Alma Yamazaki Owner of ChannelingArt

Sessions with Angels that take more than 100 Hours

Clearing All Dark Cords – 400 hours @ $30/hour – $12,000

Immune System Tune-Up with the Angels – 200 hours @$30/hour – $6,000

We welcome you to a greater understanding of healthy and unhealthy in our world.

A physical body is more complicated than your computer. It is a great accomplishment to increase your state of being. This is your level of awareness. It is called by some spiritual growth. There are many books about this. Michael is writing one called, The Real World and Its Vibration

A list of things that are healthy:

  • Taking care of your own needs first
  • Being the most important person in your life
  • Loving yourself will bring all that you need to you
  • Working a job you like
  • Being with people you like
  • Living in a healthy environment
  • Buying food and drink that are high in vibration without toxic additives
  • Trusting yourself

This can be a long process. Make changes as you can. Use this affirmation: I am good enough for the very best.

      A list of things that are unhealthy:

      • Doing a job you don’t like
      • Eating toxic food
      • Always doing for others first
      • Consuming alcohol
      • Not loving yourself (could cause heart disease)
      • Using quick fixes instead of giving yourself what you really need to improve your health
      • Giving up before you achieve your goals
      • Being with people who are unhappy
      • Chemotherapy, XRAYS, all radiation
      • Living under high voltage power lines
      • Aluminum in your house
      • Using a microwave
      • Telling yourself “I can’t change” takes you down each time you say it. Focus on what you WANT, not what you DON’T WANT.

      Solution: get help and help yourself. Change your state of being. Use the affirmation: If I could have done better in the past, I would have.

      A “Healing for our Planet” Session

      Three sessions, four hours each.

      1st 4-hour session – $200
      2nd 4-hour session – $200
      3rd 4-hour session – $200 

      When enough people have done all 12 hours of healing, there will be positive changes taking place, because YOU will be changing. 

      • You will be dissolving about 2 million unresolved issues. These unresolved issues are held by consciousnesses of ours, in shock, in our energy bodies.
      • These unresolved issues are there because we had experiences that put our consciousnesses in shock and those consciousnesses are living that experience over and over again each day.
      • Yes, they add up after hundreds of lifetimes.
      • These unresolved issues are the main things holding us back, in many different ways. When we get triggered, we have connected with a consciousness of ours that is in shock. 

      Call Michael if you have questions or to schedule: 912-977-9707.