Michael’s Training in Specific Modalities

Apprenticeship in Hands-On Healing

Seven years of hands-on healing at the Unity Church of South Austin, in their Prayer Healing Center, which included about 700 one-hour sessions from 1987 through 1992.

Reiki Master

Reiki 1, 2 and 3. Austin, TX, 1991. Received Reiki 1 and 2 teachings and attunements from Rev. Beth Gray, who received her training from Hawayo Takata, Grand Master in the direct spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. Learned the Usui System of Natural Healing.

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing


Michael graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1996. It is a four-year, non-residential, international healing school that focuses on energy healing. Barbara Brennan was a research physicist at NASA, she has three PhDs, and is clairvoyant and clairaudient.  This school is considered to be one of the most prestigious healing schools in the world. Unlike many others healing schools, programs and certifications, in this school you will not graduate unless you achieve the requirements each year, pass the tests for each healing technique, and pass the final yearly test, plus producing all your homework in order to attend class. Last but not least, each student must get a minimum of 18 sessions per year of their own personal therapy or healing with a professional counselor, bioenergetics or core energetics practitioner or from approved modalities, and they have to sign them. Students must also take and pass an Anatomy and Physiology class. In the four years of school, you are working on your evolution in order to become spiritually aware of your own life, as well as learning the real way to bring out to create actual healing. Each year, students learn different techniques and develop deeper, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a school of mastery of the self and the understanding of the spiritual world, which is our world of origin.



Four-day Intensive at the Seven Oaks Pathwork Center in Madison, Virginia in 1993 with Susan & Donovan Thesenga. The study of Pathwork is included in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and has been a core aspect of Michael’s personal, ongoing studies ever since.

Core Energetics


Three-day workshop with Dr. John Pierrakos in New York, 1995; a personal intensive with Pamela Chubbuck with five hours a day for three days in Lithonia, Georgia, 1996; a four-day intensive at Core Energetics South, 1997; a seven-day intensive in the South of France with Dr. John Pierrakos and Siegmar Gerken, Ph. D., 1997.

Programs of the Heart

Completed the full program in 1991. In Austin from Diana Vela, and the program was focused on opening your heart. Most people’s hearts are blocked, energetically. The heart is not open to feel and respond truly/authentically from it’s being. The block is heavy energy. All disease is heavy energy. We stop our energy and block our energy in situations to protect ourselves because of things that happened in the past. It was 3 month long. We are talking about the heart chakra not the physical heart.

THE WORK of Byron Katie


A fourteen-day training completed in 1999 for certification. In Southern California, got a certificate. The BK Work is about looking at your areas of complaint about others and seeing where you are the one who needs to change all the things not the other person. Seeing yourself with the blinders off. Focus is revealing your unresolved issues and your “not-good-enoughs” and the ways we hold ourselves back. The person who creates the most problems for us is always ourselves.

Bio Energetics

One-year attendance (it’s a class) in a once a week class, 1991-92. In Austin, TX. Bioenergetics was created by two psychiatrists, it is a unique way to reveal the areas within us that are blocking our progress. The teacher reads the students body and says things and gives them body positions to create release of holdings from the past. Very powerful work.



A two-year intensive, and 2 classes additional. With a shamanic teacher graduated from the Michael Harner School of Shamanism in Austin, TX. Shamanism is a primitive medicine man who does energy healing by means of his intention. Energy healing is done with the person’s intention, which becomes better with practice. Primitive tribe people would go to shamans when they were sick. Shamans would work with herbs and energy healing, and also pull blocks out of people’s bodies. They also have spirits from the spirit world to help them. They have totem animals, they do journeying into other worlds as real or more real than ours. It transforms you into expanding your awareness of what exists, and learning that the world is not limited to what you know. It’s an expansion of your world. It puts you in a place to do healing that you couldn’t do before.

The Light Institute of Galisteo


Galisteo, NM. Completed a six-day intensive in 1994 with Chris Griscom, titled “Souls Lessons Through the Body” for healers and those with AIDS or cancer. Michael was able to do a 12-feet, hot coal fire walk at the end.

Exodus Practitioner Training

Dallas, TX. Completed this energy work training in 1995 and got certified. Energy healing training, very focused on healing with gemstones, doing soul retrievals and working in the spirit world throughout space. Soul retrieval means bringing back part of or an aspect of what we have lost. We have more than one consciousness and some get lost and blocked up.

Gesundheit Institute

Attended a healers retreat for seven days in Arlington, Virginia, with Dr. Patch Adams in 1995. Dr. Adams’ focus was to help people heal in artistic ways. His dream was to build a hospital where the healing modalities were poetry, theater, gardening, and dressed in clown costumes and entertained people in hospitals. He believed that is what would bring healing to people, reconnecting with themselves and the world.   

Signature Sound Classes, 1 & 2

By Sherry Edwards, a college metaphysical teacher. Ohio, 1999. Learned how to measure frequency and interpret it, by asking clients questions and having panel tuning instruments using charts and frequency meter to indicate where there was healing needed in the answers to questions they used. Included was a book with all the frequency of all the minerals and substances.

Volunteer work with the Department of Criminal Justice

Group work with parolees in 1999. Activated by a former volunteer group called New Directions in Corrections, which worked with people who had been in prison to help them rehabilitate and give them areas in which they can thrive for themselves and the community. Participated in their weeklong seminar, then met and did a couple of classes with the parolees, with the support from the book Being Heard Now.

Conscious Language Class 2000

In Austin, TX by Robert Stevens.  The key learning was that what you say and how you say it really matters, as people can remember what you say to them for the rest of their lives, and some words have the power to “injure” others.

Energy Transfer to Oneness

www.onenessmovement.org  •  www.onenessuniversity.org

The Oneness University in India, March 2005. A 21-day empowerment training that takes place through the two Masters, Sri Amma and Bhagavan.  This training allows a person to transfer the energy of Bliss (oneness) to others. This results in an evolution in consciousness, which results in healing, setting right of relationships, and creates solutions to mundane problems. The purpose is to create PEACE ON EARTH.

Unleash the Power Within

Atlanta, GA. November, 2006. A four-day workshop with Tony Robbins, known to be the best motivational teacher on the planet. Focus was on teaching different ways to heal, celebrating things and how we can go past our limitations. 900 attendees.