Dementia Healing

This is a new offering!

Dear ones, it is your life.
Love yourself, and know you are good enough for the very best.

Take command of your life and make it the way you want it to be.

Dementia is caused by toxins in your body, which cause brain dysfunction. If you are on drugs prescribed by your doctor, you have to get off of them with your doctor’s support before we can start this healing and clearing of the toxins of the body affecting your brain. If you are on drugs of your own choice, you will have to get off of them. You will be responsible for this before we can start. 

All of this work will be done by Michael and the archangels. The archangels can be with you in ten seconds no matter where you are on this planet. 

We need a photo of you; for more information please see the page Get a Session.

Thanks for reading all of this.

The angels and Michael work in your energy fields, not your physical body. 

We can access any area of you this way. Inside your brain or anywhere else without surgery.

It’s the real world guys.

You can call Michael and talk to him; he is not a doctor. Michael and the archangels do many kinds of healings. See the Healings Page for more information.

Michael is in his 37th year of healing work.

We prepare a person by putting them in a better state of health.

Tune Ups for Dementia Healing

1. Clear ALL Meridians

Three days clearing. 

2. Clear the two consciousnesses holding them back the most, ALL lifetimes

Three days clearing.

3. Clear Spells, ALL lifetimes

Three days clearing.

4. Dissolve all consciousnesses that are keeping them from fully loving themselves, ALL lifetimes.

This is a very important healing. Your life changes when you fully love yourself.
It brings what you need to you, instead of your having to go get it. Three days clearing.

5. Clear all toxins from this person, ALL lifetimes.

Your brain will be cleared of all toxins. Seven days clearing.

Total Fee for Dementia Healing


paid at the beginning by mailing a check to Michael.
Please call for address, 912-977-9707