Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to believe in this work for it to actually help me?

No. You must only be willing to do the healing, you do not have to believe in it for it to work.

2. Is energy work safe?

Yes, much safer than medical work, there’s no drugs, operations and there are no medical mistakes that can take place. The main risk is a misunderstanding of actual healing, as we are so used to allopathic medical system and unfamiliar with healing at the energy level. Recommended reading is the work of Barbara Starfield, M.D., and the book Reclaiming our Health by John Robins.

3. Can I gift a session to someone else?

Yes, you can. Michael must ask the person’s consciousness for permission to do the healing. 

4. What if this way of healing is new to me?

You can try one session and see how you feel in the following 2 weeks. Also, you may call Michael for a free 10-min a consultation and ask any questions you would like about the work.

5. Is this work new?

Energy healing is millions of years old. The core of our being is energy.

6. Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Just like there are no refunds for medical work, there are no refunds for energy work. It is not a quick fix, it is much deeper. Not all health issues are the same and they actually vary greatly; the same applies to how obvious or not the energy work results may appear afterwards. Some health issues have stronger emotions connected to them than others and may take more work for signs of improvement to be perceived.

7. Can you recommend books about this healing work?

Yes. Michael’s top recommendations are: Healers on Healing by Carl’s and Shield; Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan; Reclaiming our Health by John Robbins, Love Without End by Glenda Green; Infinite Grace by Diane Goldnar; and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

8. Can you guide a person on their healing path?

Yes. This is a large part of the work that Michael does. He is available for you to talk to the day after each healing session.

9. Do you work on animals?

Yes. Michael has worked with horses, dogs, cats and goats. All you need to do is send a picture of the animal and the healing can take place. Animals (and children) tend to heal more easily than adult humans.

10. Are there ways I can work on my own?

Yes. There are many ways a client can do things to aid in their healing. It is highly recommended that the client be involved in their own healing, as that will make the healing deeper and quicker. You may ask Michael for suggestions tailored to your specific needs at any given time.

11. Michael’s work is 99% long distance/remote. How does this work?

In a modern society it is easy to lose access to our deeper knowledge and awareness. In our reality, all things are connected (Michael suggests you watch the movie What the Bleep do we Know, and read the book Infinite Grace by Diane Goldnar for more light in the subject of the world we live in.) The common denominator of all things that exist, is energy. Michael can work with anyone on the planet because we are all connected energetically, and because disease originates as energy prior to manifesting in our physical bodies.

12. Why do we get “sick”?

There are many reasons why we get sick. When it comes to healing, the most important area to work on is within ourselves. We forget who we are and live a life that causes sickness, illness, disease, pain and suffering. Healing involves personal growth. Seeing things as they really are and making the adjustment you want based on what you learn, observe and realize is a great way to start your healing journey.

13. What is healing and how does it take place?

Mainly, healing is the clearing of unresolved issues from the past—issues we have not been able to resolve. Healing takes place by the issues being resolved through the clearing of past experiences.

14. How will I notice that I am healing? What are some healing signs?

The ability of people to tell the difference after healing will vary greatly per person and by what they’re working on. Some issues are solved in one session and others take many sessions, depending on how heavy the energy of the issue that needs healing is. You are going on a journey of healing your soul. Taking responsibility for your healing is a powerful step to take and one that some may not be ready to do. We have different levels of sensitivity and that means that you may or may not be able to notice what has taken place.

Eventually, not only will the issue be healed and symptoms be gone, but more will happen: you will regain part of you that had been shut down. The result of real healing is greater wholeness (link to wholeness definition.) Healing involves personal growth and it’s not just the release of disease. Healing is not just getting rid of feeling bad, it is an expansion of your being by recovering that which was lost.

15. Why is it that I didn’t notice any difference after my healing session?

The Technical Explanation

When we have an unresolved issue, we often keep building more layers on top of that issue as more experiences happen that further strengthen the issue. There can be many layers of a particular issue. When one layer is healed the next one becomes exposed and available for healing, and so on. Alternatively speaking, this is as if your true self is hidden under a huge pile of issues, making your true self to appear smaller than the pile. The pile is made of layers. As you get rid of the pile of layers, your true self appears and becomes “bigger” than the issues.

Some issues are light and other heavy, depending on how deep the layers are or how traumatic the experience. The light issues are healed generally quicker than heavier ones, while some issues are not ready to heal. The more work you do, the more the heaviness can be released and the sooner you can start to feel better. As we release unresolved issues from the past, more support is created to do the work easier. As in a the scale of justice, there is a tipping point past the neutral one, in which things start to shift up. When there’s so much weight from heavier issues we are burdened by them, but when we release enough of them the scale begins to lift and tips over. When we have a lot of unresolved issues, life is more difficult; there’s more struggle. As we release issues, we eventually reach a point where we will get lighter. The balance between the unresolved issues and your wholeness can be leveled out, allowing self-empowerment and self-confidence to raise higher as lightness appears.

The Visual Explanation

Consider the chart below. By doing behaviors and maintaining thought patterns in the left-hand column you are creating the energy of burden and sickness. By doing behaviors and maintaining thought patterns in the right-hand column you are creating energies of freedom and increased health. 

Each drawing in the images below represents one person and shows the amount of burden energy and the amount of freedom energy she or he has in and around her.

If you are like the above drawing you probably will notice a difference after your healing. 

If you are like the above drawing you probably won’t notice a difference after your healing.

This is not like math but it may give you a better understanding about the human conditions.