Healing the “Big Three”: Heart Disease, Cancer & Coronavirus

There are ancient forms of healing that have been around for millions of years on this planet. This work has evolved within Michael’s healing work to a degree that is unprecedented. 










What is real? What is diversion? And which is healthier?




Most people can he healed easily if their disease hasn’t progressed too far OR if you don’t have the will to live.








 The real world always here — but many people have lost their connection with it. There is a particular sickness that is getting stronger and stronger and that sickness is living a life of diversion. 
















You are living a life of diversion if you: 
















  • are you NO longer in the actual reality of life
  • electronic world, e.g. is a huge diversion. internet social media etc. instead of being in person
  • leaving your community
  • you have lost your own rhythm
  • lost your ability to communicate and be with people on a deep level
  • blaming outer reality for your circumstances
















 A realist is, in essense someone who is healthy:
















 How to know you’re in the real world? Something has to stimulate to move deeper into what is real. How
































What’s “too far”?
































































The #1 killer in the US is heart disease. Heart disease is the result of not being connected to your heart enough to keep it healthy.
































What is missing? Allowing love and joy. 
































This can easily be healed with an AUTO FLOWER ESSENCE session.
































Three flower essences are chosen by a great master that Michael works with for the individual person and their unique heart disease. Most healings of heart disease can be done in one auto flower essence session.
































































The #2 killer in the US is cancer. Cancer is the result of doing things for others for others instead of yourself to a degree that builds resentment strong enough to create cancer. Cancer takes approximately nine years to develop in the physical body.
































What is missing? Taking care of your own needs first. 
































This can also be healed with an AUTO FLOWER ESSENCE session.
































































Most people do not die from the coronavirus if they are in decent health. People in poor health or senior citizens are more at risk for death. Coronavirus also can be healed easily with AUTO FLOWER ESSENCE session.































































This information is for ALL THREE DISEASES. How an AUTO FLOWER ESSENCE session works:
































  • it changes the energy vibration that are needed to restore health































Healing of Heart Disease, Coronavirus and Cancer in an easy and inexpensive AND THOROUGH way.

This new form of healing (with is 1000s of years old is light years beyond allopathic medicine. That’s why it will seem different to those who are not in a place to understand it readily.

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HEAL Coronavirus

$180 – for as long as it takes

Complete healing of C. C can be healed completely 


If you are curious about Michael’s definition of healing, please check out the FAQ page. 

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Heart Disease, Cancer and Coronavirus can be healed easily and affordably. This type of healing has been available for millions of years in this planet.    

Healing is possible: now!

The healthier we are, the more enjoyable our lives become. We seem to be too busy to know this anymore and this is reflected in our present attitudes about things. A good analogy is a trolley that is off the tracks, but still running.

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