Extraordinary New Way to Heal!
More about healing the root of the issue.

A faster, extremely low cost new healing method that works by dissolving the consciousnesses which created the problem or disease. The following is a list of common issues that this extraordinary new healing can address. 

Some of our most common problems:

  1. Not good enough problems
  2. All that do not love themselves
  3. All that are not good enough for the very best
  4. All dark consciousnesses
  5. All that must be in control
  6. All that must do it right
  7. All that must be the best
  8. All in fear of not being good enough
  9. All in fear or being wrong
  10. All in fear of asking for help
  11. All in fear of speaking in public
  12. All in fear of receiving or making money
  13. All in fear of the opposite sex
  14. All in fear of their sex
  15. All in fear of having sex
  16. All in fear of being loved
  17. All that can’t be independent
  18. All that can’t be still
  19. All that can’t be different
  20. Fear of sexual abuse
  21. Fear of abusing someone sexually
  22. Fear of dying
  23. Fear of losing your mate
  24. Fear of not being able to finish your work here
  25. Fear of being tortured
  26. Loss of hearing
  27. Loss of sight
  28. Fear of not being liked
  29. Fear of the water
  30. Anything you are afraid of: _______________.

Diseases are healed faster and easier this way, heart disease, cancer, etc. Healing by dissolving the consciousness creating the problem of disease is very inexpensive and easier on the client. It is also very fast. 


To get a session for yourself or someone else:

  • Call Michael Glicker at 912-977-9707, in Austin TX, between 10am and 5pm (Central Time)
  • If sending a check, you will be called when it is received, to schedule the time of your session.
  • If using PAYPAL, use the button below and enter the correct amount for the session you want.

Call Michael Glicker for any additional information you need.