Clearing Testimonials

Michael Glicker, “un homme extraordinaire”, has been known to me for about 15 years. He is dedicated to helping people reduce and/or eliminate problem areas in their lives. All areas of human dysfunction may be alleviated by his work using the energy aspects of our beings. He is ever widening his understanding of the many facets of the whole person within the universal energy matrix of the Universe. Specific somatic and emotional issues may be addressed in Michael’s therapy, but he also facilitates balancing/clearing of energy in seven areas. People referred by me to Michael have been pleased at their results, ranging from release of old hurts, anger, and frustration to the other end of this spectrum involving the healing of brain lesions and recovery of mental functioning. Michael has facilitated s dying person’s transitional journey to afterlife. In his healing ministrations, even at a distance, Michael’s methods are respectful, powerful and effective.

Trust Michael! His mission is to facilitate your highest good.

C.L.T., Ph.D.

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Glicker this past summer. I was talking to my long time friend Harriet, telling her how I really needed someone to help me see past the “apparent” restrictions inhibiting my life and to help me resolve and deal with some very complex issues and concerns for loved ones. She said” “Write this name and number down and she hung up the phone!” and I called Michael.

His work has done exactly what I needed to move away from some subtle but limiting influences in my understanding, health and progress and in the process, I have become far closer to my Faith, with the bonus of being able to know and discern what was once an obstacle, can now be cleared. I decided to ask to clear everything in my path restricting the best outcome of a multitude of concerns. The changes are enabling me to move forward in what is best for myself and for those I am concerned with tremendous clarity and relief – the patterns or blocks are simply gone.

I am grateful. Doing the basic patterns, I am far lighter without being tied to old patterns as reference points of doing what I have always done as a habit or known to date vs. open to change by choice. From the clearings of issues or beliefs, no doubt or uneasiness sets in. This no longer matters. From the emotional clearing, my experience with repeated projected fears from others that used to elicit a reaction, have nowhere to attach and are no longer able to lodge into my life – they simply are dissipated. When we worked on self-responsibility, I could no longer, on any level, take on the patterns of others, especially those based in fear. I cannot react to them anymore. This freed me to see what I need and want to do that is truest to my heart and nothing less. When we worked on humility, I was surprised to realize deeply with trust that what needs to be done is Spiritually assured. The work on toxins was in my case very physical but it caused a change in me that I am no longer able to accept toxins on any level, be they physical, mental or emotional. No excess is permitted. Thus, my steps are indeed pure as possible moment by moment.



General Session Testimonials

Michael Glicker is a healer whose work affects me in many ways. I trust him completely as both a spiritual therapist and healer. During healing sessions, I can feel energy radiate to my fingers and toes like I am being recharged and regenerated. Any blockages are loosened and healing can begin. After a healing session, I feel relaxed, whole, and able to breathe deeply and fully.

J. Hailey, Austin, TX

I feel incredibly gifted that I was led to call on Michael when my pet was diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer.’ I am absolutely certain that Michael’s efforts played a major role in Ebony’s complete recovery. There are no words that accurately express the depth of my gratitude.


My experience with Michael Glicker has been that he is a powerful conduit of energy, and the very definition of a benevolent witness in the healing process. I never feel judged.

Susan G., Austin, TX

Thank you for your help in changing how I support myself and my work. As a healer for 13 years, I have often sked for someone who offered me similar energy work to that I have given to others. I have received that help from you. The work though subtle, was profound and deep. I could feel the shifts in my subconscious as buried information moved into conscious, giving me greater clarity of thought and access to more direct, new behavior. I am on the threshold of a great change and your work has made a huge difference in my process.

Ellen Wachs

I brought my 4 year old son, Connan, to your for healing on Saturday, February 16. At this time Connan was displaying a difficult side to his personality. He was behaving very unsociably, refusing to acknowledge greetings from others and refusing to wave or say goodbye, roaring like a wild animal instead of using his words and crying, very loudly, a lot. Con’s had, since birth, rejected any displays of affection and even in his sleep would turn away from my kiss on his cheek. I was agonizing inside over a child that so rejected my love. I prayed to God and asked for help.

“During the healing you gave him that Saturday morning, near to the end of the hour’s work, Connan suddenly lifted his head and requested a sandwich hug. His father and I were both with him at the time and hugged him as quickly as we could. Connan has progressed daily with his warmth and we are all grateful for the changes your healing implemented in our son. Thank you, Michael.

Cushla Reid & Mark Dannatt, Hamilton, New Zealand


Group Work Testimonials

Michael Glicker’s healing energy class is an extraordinary metaphysical learning experience. I looked forward to each class since Michael could so plainly put intuitive explanations to phenomena I have witnessed and felt throughout my life. My curiosity was at an all-time high and every thought, feeling and notion on my part was warmly receive and refined through Michael’s understanding of healing energy work.

Tracey Leigh, M. Ed., RMT

Michael Glicker’s gift as a teacher is exemplified in his patience to explain information to students regardless of their knowledge level. In his class, all questions were treated and answered with respect in a non-judgmental manner. Michaels’ knowledge and understanding of energy healing and the auric fields, combined with his teaching style, created a positive and stimulating learning experience.


I found that Michael’s Pathwork course provided me with tremendous insight into the root causes of many of the blocks and negative patterns in my life.

For me the entire process was terrific. I got in touch with so much, and a lot of the crap seemed to be gone. I am actually dating and don’t seem to be dragging up past reactions. I am not running away from men being nice to me, etc. I think a lot of that was because I was able to be so candid about things in a group that included men. I got very attached to the group. It also provided me with the tools to release those blocks and was without doubt the best $xxx I have ever spent. Thanks!!”

Taking classes with Michael was an intense, knowledge filled heart opening experience. His classes offer much in-depth information in a well-organized manner. He helps you integrate the knowledge into your heart. A great teacher.

When I started Michael’s energy healing class I felt like the most begging beginner. I did not feel the energy at all nevertheless I enjoyed the class very much.

Michael and the other participants were loving and supportive & informative. I always felt enriched & healed by the teaching, sharing and the practice.

Towards the end of the class I received feedback that I was sensitive to the energy it was just different than I had expected. Since then, I have been guided to do healing in my home.

Susan Price, R.M.T

Below is a letter from a client about her healing process.

Life is a creative process. Healing is a creative process.

It is good to remember when seeking to heal from an illness that everything about healing is and will be a process.

The problem with relying only on allopathic medicine is the notion that we get a test done which is a “snap shot” of physiological indicators that give the doctor a limited amount of information from a limited number of factors seen in one limited moment. Then the doctor prescribes a medication in reaction to this “snap shot” containing limited information and, we patients, expect that our whole health be restored in the next snap shot moment. We are so eager to solve the problem of our health decline that we want to jump to the end and avoid the actual process of healing itself.

Just like in all things painful, challenging or difficult, we tend to want to jump to the end to avoid the uncomfortable parts. However, life is not like that and neither is healing.

Our bodies went through a process as our health was declining to the illness that we are experiencing, and it will be another process to restore our health to a more optimal potential.  

Life is an unfolding process. Everything we engage in during life is a process. And healing is no different.  

Healing requires an enormous amount of patience. And in order to truly access patience there needs to be a humble acceptance of the entirety of the situation.  We must accept that our body isn’t working, that our symptoms are painful, uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating.  We must accept the whole thing in order to allow for the present moment in its wholeness to reveal the next layer of the unfolding healing process. This acceptance is not a giving up on the potential for healing, but a surrendering to the process of healing.  It is self compassion.

Acceptance is making inner space for the entirety of our experience (the good and the bad) to simply be as it is without resistance, denial or indulging in dwelling. Acceptance is simply an internal allowing of it all to be just as it is so that a deeper awareness can emerge from the Whole Self with insight, guidance and resources we need to align the mind-body with greater health and harmony.

It is no accident that the words patient, (able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering), and patient, (a person receiving medical treatment), share the same spelling!

Embracing a process oriented approach to healing gives us access to the inner space to receive the healing support we need along the way.  Wether we ask our family, health practitioner or God through prayers for help with our healing, we need to ask for help from a process oriented perspective so that we are relating to our healing process with acceptance rather than resistance.

When we ask for healing from a perspective of resisting our situation, with a demand to our bodies or to God that we jump to the end where our health looks like what we think it should look like when we think it should, we are actually asking for help from a closed space with an energy that is pushing away.  This is because there is an underlying resistance to the current situation.  We cannot enter a process of healing a situation while at the same time denying or resisting the situation.

Asking for healing support while wholeheartedly accepting the situation, and with a willingness to embrace the process, we generate an expansive openness to receive and integrate support from unlimited sources!  

One more thing to remember is that creativity is the unknown becoming known in the present moment during the unfolding process of life.  Creative process is mysterious and unfolds in unexpected ways.  Healing is a creative process that touches this mysterious depth at various stages of the healing journey.  Just like in creativity, the healing process will not be linear and it will not be full of variables that can be controlled every step of the way.  It will unfold in unexpected ways at unexpected times, therefore it is most helpful to seek a collaborative response to the journey rather than to seek to control it.

“Although the world is full of suffering,
it is full also of the overcoming of it.”
– Helen Keller