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Healing Sessions – Overview

Consultations – $45
Healings – start at $60
Mass Healings – price varies, please inquire
Personal Healings – $60 – $300
Online Classes – $60
Group Work – price varies please inquire

real healing

The healthier we are, the more enjoyable our lives become.

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Energy Healing work is the most efficient and thorough way to heal, as real healing takes place energetically first, and then manifests in the physical body. Real healing is the removing of the cause of the disease or dis-ease.

The common denominator of all things that exist is energy. Each thing will be the energy of what it is; a car, an apple, a happy person, a mad person. Furthermore, each energy has a frequency. Simply put, disease is a low frequency which is heavy energy, and health is a higher frequency which is light.

We feel great when our energy is light and flows easily, and this is a state we can all achieve. What keeps up from this state of being? In a nutshell, it is unresolved issues of the past. Unresolved issues are the main cause of disease, they are energy blocks in our physical body. They weigh us down and make us heavy.

Remote healing work, which is healing from a distance, works because all things are connected energetically. Remote energy healing work can be more effective than in person, because the physical body is in this manner out of the way.

Most anything can be healed, except that which is not ready to be healed. Furthermore, remote healing work can be done for any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issue.

The healthier we are, the more enjoyable our lives become. We seem to be too busy to know this anymore and this is reflected in our present attitudes about things. A good analogy is a trolley that is off the tracks, but still running.

Consultations – $45

If what you are wanting is to consult Michael about a specific topic in your life or in general, wish to learn more about or understand something in particular that is happening in your life, you can choose to have a Consultation. They can take place in person or by phone and can be about any subject you desire. Topics of interest may include personal struggles, spiritual matters, emotional or physical pain, health education, etc. Price is $3/min, with a minimum charge of $45.

Healings – $60

A healing can include a major disease, problems in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. They are for all ages and can be for people or animals. A session is initiated by Michael with angels and masters of light, and the work is continued on for about an hour. The cost is $60.

Click here to read a definition of Healing (this should take to the FAQ that answers this very question.)

Mass Healings – varies

Healing sessions for a group of people can be done anywhere in the world, with the people being all in the same place, such as in a room, building, or at an outdoors location. The cost will be quoted per event. The healing can be requested for the “highest good of the group”, or a particular focus when desired.

Personal Clearings – $60 to $300

These are performed to rid a client of a particular source of contamination, cost is $60 per clearing.

Types of clearings:

  • Heavy Metals Including mercury, aluminum and lead.
  • Electronic Radiations – including cell phones, TV, internet, and cell towers.
  • Toxins – Things that affect our bodies including food, drink, vaccines, drugs (recreational and medical)
  • Ghost-busting – It is the removal of dark spirits.
  • Property & Building Clearings – For home and commercial environments in any location in the world. $60 per location, up to 2 acres. Submit payment with full address and client name.
  • Auto Sessions – These are healing sessions that run automatically and continuously until they are complete. They are called “Auto Sessions.” Michael will have to check with the Masters he works with to make sure that you are ready to receive an Auto Session.
  • One-Day Sessions – These sessions are a one-time occurrence and last no more than one day:
  • CrystalsThere are about 250,000 types of crystals on Earth. In the Energy world, there are also ‘crystals’ that can be installed into people’s bodies by an enemy, with the intention to shut them down in a particular way. Cost is $300.

Online Classes – $60

These will be available for a $60 cost for a month of access to them. It will be Michael speaking about the subjects listed below:

  • Trust
  • Doing What’s Right, or What I Like
  • Our Environments and How They Affect Us
  • Space in Our Life
  • Affirmations & Setting Intentions
  • Free Will
  • Living a Life Full of Diversion, or Creating the Life we Want to Live
  • Spirituality, Religion, and Respect for Others
  • Creating
  • The Difference Between Being Dependent and Independent

Group Work

This entails a group of people getting together to work with Michael, coming forward and learning and growing into new awareness interacting with Michael and the other participants in the group.

When a group of people want help gaining a greater understanding or they are working on a particular area or issue, or they decide what they would like to improve in their lives, group healing work is a great fit. The benefit is that it’s easier to learn when you’re in a group because there is more concentrated energy, and people learn with the questions others ask as several people can resonate with such questions and with what is brought forward with the questions. Group work is in this way more powerful and it makes it easier to achieve a greater understanding on the subject matter. Some people are not ready to work in a group yet, and others are. Sometimes people may need individual work before working in a group setting.

Group work is great for people who, for example, have the same disease in common. It is often faster and easier when a whole group is focused on one area, a common ailment. With a group class about that disease (arthritis, cancer, AIDS, etc.) the participants get in a circle with the class leader(s), and expresses how each one feels, etc. The participants can achieve great relief when they see that they were not the only ones feeling a certain way. Diseases can ‘have a personality.’ In other words, people with certain personalities sometimes end up having the same ailments/diseases.

In a group work setting you can learn how to work for the best interest of the community. It’s not about becoming better than someone else, it’s about personal evolution.  Group work with Michael can take the form of Talks, Classes and Workshops.

Talks with Michael are about 2 hrs long and involve a Q & A session that can be hosted by someone in the group. Michael can help pick out the topic, if desired.

Michael provides classes that can be for 2 weeks or longer, with 1 or 2 meetups per week. Inquire for quote.

These are usually for an entire weekend: Friday evening, plus Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Inquire for quote and desired duration and schedule.

Some Subject Matters for Group Work include:

  • Personal Evolution
  • Become the Creator of your Life
  • Releasing the Past and Enhancing the Future
  • Our Environment and How it Affects Us
  • Trust
  • Relationships

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